Selection. Flexibility. Quality. 

We offer the best of both worlds: the rewards of CSA plus the flexibility and selection of the farmers market! Our Farmshare is great for individuals who travel frequently. It’s also great for large families. Whether you spend $25 or $50 on produce each week, our farmshare works with your budget and household needs. 

What's a CSA? What's a Farmshare? What's the difference?  

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between consumers and producers. Consumers become members of a farm by paying for a share of the harvest before the growing season begins. CSA is great for farmers–they acquire capital when they need it most and plant according to consumer demand. CSA is great for members too–they receive a variety of high-quality produce, a good value for their money, and a deeper sense of connection to their food.  


After much consideration about our philosophy and current trends in food and farming, we have decided to refer to what we are offering as a "Farmshare" instead of a "CSA".  The reason for this is that as interest in locally-sourced and organic foods has grown,  new businesses offering produce boxes and meal kits have sprung up to meet demand.  In the process, the original meaning of Community Supported Agriculture has been lost.  CSA is rooted in a truly cooperative vision of a relationship between a single piece of land, its farmers, and a small community of eaters. Thirty years into the movement, however, the term "CSA" is now used to refer to just about any service offering a selection of food in a box. Heck, you can even find soap CSAs.  As much as we respect the ideals of CSA and its pioneers, it was never our vision to offer a single-farm CSA.  We have always partnered with neighboring vegetable and fruit growers and are proud of our work as both producers and distributors. Nevertheless, we don't wish to be a part of the trend of conflating terms for marketing purposes and hope, instead, to educate our customers about the many complex issues related to farming.  With the goals of integrity and transparency in mind, we've decided to refer to our offerings as a "Farmshare" instead of a "CSA" moving forward.  While a traditional CSA approach is not right for our business, we can still do our part to ensure that the term is reserved for the specific farms that are fulfilling this unique role in the food system. 

Both Farmshare and CSA are about great food….and so much more!  Members invest in the long-term success of a farm and farmers invest in the long-term health of their land and community.



why choose our farm?

You customize each share: Choose exactly what you want from a great selection of produce!  Through our webstore you can choose the contents of your share each week. Plus, you can skip weeks as often as you like. If you are out of town for a week or two, you simply have more to spend when you return. You never have to worry about unwanted food going to waste.

Superior quality and selection: You can expect the best from us. To offer a wide selection of vegetables and fruits, we work with Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative (an organization of 30+ small organic farmers who share our commitment to quality produce).  We also source fruit from nearby orchards--some are organic and others are not-- to complement the veggies we grow.  

Bending Bridge Farm


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