Pre-order information for the Bethesda Sunday Market

In order to ensure the health and safety of both our customers and all of us at the farm, we will no longer be selling from our stand at Bethesda Elementary School on Sunday mornings. However, we will still be at the market  to distribute pre-ordered boxes from our online store. Please follow the directions below to establish an account and place your order

  • You can preview the items available here. (Please note that the store will not be updated and accurate until 5pm Wednesday)

  • To create an account and place an order, click here and select the "Bethesda Market Pre-order" option. 

  • Add 1 "Bethesda Market Pre-order" share

  • Select "Debit on Delivery". You will only be charged when you order a box.

  • Create your account 

  • Select "Automatically recurring payments - electronic check". We are asking folks to be billed with an e-check due to the lower processing fees. We do not store your checking account information - it goes to a secure third-party processor. 

The online store will open at 5pm Wednesday and close at 5pm Friday. The minimum order amount is $20.

The market is open 9am-1:30 pm at Bethesda Elementary School. We will be happy to bring your order to your car - please call or text (717)494-1132 when you arrive. 

Bending Bridge Farm


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