Frequently Asked Questions 

Please read the following FAQ before you complete sign-up.


Q:  You don't deliver to a location near me.  Is it possible to start a site in my neighborhood? 

A: If you’re passionate about enjoying local food and building community, contact us to learn more about coordinating a site in your neighborhood.  Ideal pickup sites are indoors or under a shady porch and are accessible on Wednesday afternoons (in MD/DC) or Saturday mornings (in Franklin Co. PA). Farmshare site coordinators enjoy a free share.  Learn more about this opportunity through our Farmshare Coordinators' Guide


Q: When do you make deliveries?

A: Please check our website to find out when boxes are available for pickup at your preferred pickup site. 


Q:  What will I receive in a share? 

A: Whatever you want! Every week, each member is automatically scheduled to receive a "farmers choice box" consisting of 5 to 8 freshly harvested items. You can receive this box as-is, customize it through our webstore or cancel the box by scheduling a delivery hold from your account page. 


Q: Must I receive a box every week? 

A:  You are automatically scheduled to receive a box containing 5 to 8 items valued at $28.  You can put your delivery on hold as needed or customize your order from our webstore. When you customize an order we ask that you select at least $28 worth of items.


Q: When can I place an order?

A: Our webstore is open from Friday at 5:00pm until Monday at 12:00pm.  We email our newsletter when it is time to order each Friday and send a reminder Monday mornings. 


Q: How long do I have to spend my credit with the farm? 

A:   24 weeks.  Unspent credits will be donated to The Franklin County Gleaning Project at the end of the season. 


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A:  Membership in a farmshare is a commitment to purchase and receive vegetables for an entire growing season. We generally do not offer refunds.  However we will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis for the following issues:  loss of household income due to unexpected unemployment or disability, death or disaster, unexpected relocation, and unresolved customer service issues.  A $15 administrative fee will be deducted from any refund issued.


Q. What if I spend the amount in my account before the end of the season?

A: You will not receive a share if there is less than $28 in your account. You can add money to your account at any time. Simply mail us a check or send us money conveniently and securely through our website by selecting the "debit on delivery" option from the member account page.

Q. Will you always have what I order?

A: Sometimes we may have shortages and will omit an item from your order or offer a close substitute. Pests, weather, and other catastrophes could result in a smaller-than-expected harvest. If we must omit an item, we will credit your account accordingly.

Q.  How can I keep my produce fresh? 

A:  Check out our produce storage guide to learn more. 


Q: What if I forget to pick up my share?

A: Shares must be picked up during the pick-up times designated for each site. Produce not picked up by the end of the day Wednesday is for each site coordinator to use or donate as she sees fit.  The value of your share will be charged to your account whether or not you remember to pick up. Site coordinators may kindly hold a forgotten box for later, but this is not to be expected.    Please respect your site coordinators and please contact us if you are unable to pick up your share. 


Q: What should I do with the boxes?

A: We would like to reuse share boxes as much as possible. Please unfold each box so that it lays flat and leave it at your pickup location

Q: What if I am unhappy with the items I receive, or if my box was missing an item that I ordered?

A: Please contact us! We will do our best to make it right, including crediting your account for missing/ unsatisfactory items. We want you to be completely satisfied!


Q. Are you perfect?

A: Definitely not! But we are committed to offering amazing produce and a great farmshare experience. Occasionally, you may find that we placed the wrong item in your box or forgot an item altogether. Let us know right away if you are dissatisfied with anything in your share and we will credit your account.


One more thing…
Your membership is a commitment to support the farm throughout the growing season. Farmshare is a mutual commitment between farmers (us!) and consumers (you!).  Just as you count on your farmers for a consistently fresh and safe supply of produce, we count on our members for a predictable and secure demand for the veggies we grow. Thanks for your support!

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