Bending Bridge Farm


the basics

what is a CSA?

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between consumers and producers. Consumers become members of a farm by paying for a share of the harvest before the growing season begins.
  • CSA is great for farmers–they acquire capital when they need it most and plant according to consumer demand. CSA is great for members too–they receive a variety of high-quality produce, a good value for their money, and a deeper sense of connection to their food.
  • CSA is about great food….and so much more! CSA members invest in the long-term success of a farm and CSA farmers invest in the long-term health of their land and community.


why choose our CSA?  

  • You customize each share: Choose exactly what you want from a great selection of produce!  Through our webstore you to choose the contents of your share each week. Plus, you can skip weeks as often as you like. If you are out of town for a week or two, you simply have more to spend when you return. You never have to worry about unwanted food going to waste.
  • Flexibility-We offer the best of both worlds: the rewards of CSA plus the flexibility and selection of the farmers market! Our CSA is great for individuals who travel frequently. It’s also great for large families. Whether you spend $20 or $50 on produce each week, our CSA works with your budget and household needs.
  • Produce year-round-Local organic Pennsylvania produce is available 12 months a year. You can join any time of year for whichever seasons you choose.
  • Superior quality, freshness, and selection: You can expect the best from us. To offer a wide selection of vegetables and fruits, we work with a co-op of 30+ small organic farmers who share our commitment to quality produce.


what members are saying

  • “They’ve got everything, their produce is amazing, they’re just so darn nice, and I really love that their diverse selection is the result of a great network of small organic farmers helping each other out”
  • “Thank you for making our lives tastier and healthier”
  • “Thanks a bazillion for all your plain ol’ hard work, organic farming skills, and impressive “new school” CSA management.  We feel very, very, very fortunate to be members”
  • “I have been thrilled to find maroon and orange carrots, dinosaur kale, pea shoots, celery root, fantastic shallots… The beets are as sweet as candy. The onions are perfect. In fact, all the produce is so pretty, I’m usually seduced well past my shopping list”